We need you! Join the team!

Please contact us! if you are able to program, or you know a great deal of music (theory). Or maybe you could translate it to other languages? You can see on the Translation Project page the available translation and their status. Don’t hesitate to take part if you language is missing or uncomplete!

If you want denemo, take a look at how to build it from sources.


Current Developers

  • Maintainer: Richard Shann
  • Jeremiah Benham
  • √Čloi Rivard

Past Developers

  • Matthew Hiller (originator)
  • Adam Tee
  • Nils Gey

Contributers and special thanks to

In alphabetical order:

  • Edgar Aichinger, for OpenSuse packaging and patches
  • Till Hartmann, for Ubuntu packaging and scripting help
  • Torben Hohn, for making the Denemo display zoomable.
  • Jan Nieuwenhuizen, for creating and helping with GUB, our Windows cross-compiling system of choice.
  • M Joonas Pihlaja, for fixing and helping with Cairo
  • Roy Rankin, Fedora issues
  • Matthias S., for the internal Script Editor Window
  • Daniel Wilckens, for various commands and scripts
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