This Tutorial is for versions 0.9.4 or higher

This tutorial will show you how to create a simple piece of music in Denemo from start to exporting a PDF.

Starting and Navigation

  1. Download and install Denemo.
  2. Launch the program using the normal method for your operating system.
  3. When you start two windows appear: your working window – the Denemo Display – showing a single empty staff, and “Denemo Print View” showing the final typeset score.
  4. With the arrow-keys set the blue cursor near the centre of the staff in the Denemo Display. Then add a note by pressing a note name “a”, “b” … “g”
  5. The number keys set the length of a note: 0 is whole note (semibreve), 1 is a half (minim), 2 is a quarter (crotchet) and so on… (if possible use numeric keypad – faster). Pressing a number key creates a new note at the same pitch. Pressing a letter key creates a new note at a different pitch.
  6. To change both pitch and duration of a new note: either set the blue cursor with the arrow-keys then press a number-key, or press number-key, backspace, letter-key.

Enter four measures of music with two different note-lengths

  1. With the backspace-key delete your work so far. You should now see just the clef followed by the time signature and the blue cursor.
  2. Use the up and down arrow keys to move the Denemo cursor near the G-position located in the middle of the staff.
  3. Press 2. A quarter note duration appears.
  4. Press an “a”. See it works – it chooses the nearest note A.
  5. Enter “b”, “c” “d” and “e”.
  6. You see a measure was added automatically after 4 quarter notes. This is because the measure is complete.
  7. Enter “b” and “a”. The nearest note to the cursor is chosen, so in this case a descending sequence
  8. Now enter “g” and “f” half-notes with the “1″ key, back-space, “g” and “f”.
  9. Finally add a whole note with 0 back-space and “g”

Save and View

  1. We can save this masterpiece. Press Ctrl+s and a Save As dialog will appear.
    1. In the “Save As” window enter a name, for example “tutorial”, select the place to save your file, then press the “Save” button (The .denemo extension will be added automatically).
    2. Press Save and this piece is stored on disk and we are back at the edit cursor.
  2. Look over the generated image and choose Print from the button at the top and click Print if you are happy to print now, or PDF to create a PDF file and print using your PDF reader.

One more detail

  1. We want to make the only f an f-sharp, aka Fis.
  2. Navigate with the Arrow Keys Left and Right until you meet the half f. You don’t have to hit it vertically, horizontally is enough.
    1. (Or you can just click the f with your mouse, if you like.)
  3. Press the + key to sharpen the note. (Guess what does.)

Next steps

  1. Visit the other tutorials to learn what’s possible.
  2. Your piece needs a name and author-information. Try to figure out how to set them with the Titles menu located in the Score menu.
  3. Add a second staff with Staffs/Voices->Insert Staff->Add Staff after and write a beautiful second voice!
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