Features in previous releases can be seen in the Changelog file in denemo sources.

Release 1.1

  • Palettes of commands
    • Customize content and shape
    • User created palettes
  • Movement Navigation Buttons
    • Buttons for quick change
    • Indication of current Movement
  • Raw LilyPond Output
    • For inclusion in user’s LilyPond template
    • Single keypress to update the output
  • Tablature
    • Support for all instruments
  • Upgrade Support
    • Keep custom shortcuts, palettes, etc on upgrading Denemo
  • Command Center
    • Can stay open while working on score.
    • Replaces old Command Manager
    • Menu path to each command is shown
    • Incremental search for commands by label
    • Incremental search for strings within tooltips
    • Execute any command
    • Add any command to a palette

Release 1.1.2

  • Links to source files can be relative to current score location
  • Transcribing from MIDI
    • Play in to a click track.
    • Enter rhythm afterwards.
  • Guided MIDI import
    • Durations can be checked as they are entered.
  • Support for LilyPond 2.18
    • Old scores are updated for incompatible syntax.
  • Re-shaping/Re-positioning Ties
    • Both WYSIWYG and tweaking width/height/convexity.
  • LilyPond View Improvements
    • Bracket Matching.
    • Line numbering visible.
    • Cursor position highlighted.

Release 1.1.4

  • Spillover
    • Appending over-length notes spill into next bar.
    • Works for rests too.
    • Optional – set a preference for old behavior.
  • Shortcuts Cheat Sheet
    • Current set of shortcuts listed.
    • Alphabetical order.
    • Gives description of command.
  • Support for Aubio 4
    • Microphone Input Note Detection.
    • Note Onset Detection.
    • Instrument Tuning.
  • General Seek and Edit Facility
    • Choose from all available object types in movement.
    • Choose from objects at cursor.
    • Seek and edit the chosen type in music playing order.
    • Restart last search, wrap to beginning, to next movemnt.
  • Display Editing
    • Control+Shift drag to move objects in the input music display
    • Does not affect the final typeset score.
    • Useful when the input music display is too cluttered to see clearly.
  • MusicXML import
    • Imports Titles, copyright and other text
    • Imports dynamic markings

Release 1.1.6

  • Lyrics Interface
    • Cursor on music moves to match cursor in lyrics
    • Jump to any point in the lyrics by mouse or keyboard
    • The inactive pane (lyrics or music) clearly indicated by graying-out
  • Margins Control
    • Set top, bottom, left and right margins in mm.
  • Tweaking Typesetting
    • Individual notes, chords and rests can be tweaked
    • Accidentals and markings move with the note
    • Fingerings can be offset
    • For use when LilyPond is sub-optimal
  • Fret Diagrams
    • Chords typeset as fret diagrams
    • Defaults to Guitar
    • Can be used with Chord Names too
  • Comprehensive Musical Symbol Support
    • Menu access to the complete set of LilyPond music symbols
    • Over 600 types of music glyphs can be placed and dragged on the score
  • More Ornamentation Support
    • Coul├ęs
    • Arp├Ęgements
    • Suspensions
  • Editing Timer
    • Displays time spent creating a score
    • Accumulates over all editing sessions

Release 1.1.8

  • Spanners
    • Dynamics such as cresc. poco a poco
    • Text such as rall …
    • LilyPond takes care of the extents
  • Lyrics Enhancements
    • Lyric stanza numbers can be inserted
    • Available on lyrics pane menu
    • Lyric font style control
    • Melismata Insert
  • Text and Graphics
    • Graphic Title Pages
    • Multiple columns of text
    • Edit in external vector editor
    • Use for music books, verses …
    • Multi-line text, with embedded music snippets
  • Custom Ornaments/Symbols
    • Edit the Ornament Shape and Size
    • Re-define existing ornaments
    • Attach to notes or stand-alone
  • Custom Barlines
    • Define new barlines
    • Re-define existing barlines
    • Control over how/if they print in all positions
  • Chord Charts
    • Chord Symbols
    • With barlines, repeats
    • Text markings, pauses
    • Use for songs, jazz …
    • Display on smartphone while busking…

Release 1.2

  • Palette Shortcuts
    • Execute Palette Commands from Keyboard
    • Label is typed in
    • Label truncation allowed
    • Switch active palette
    • Works even on hidden palettes
  • Automatic Cues
    • Install Reference to Cued Part
    • Automatically detects difference in clef
    • Changes are automatically reflected in cue
  • Fret Diagrams
    • Can be placed in any score
    • Can be embedded in text
    • Can be re-positioned by dragging
  • Accidental Styles
    • 16 styles available
    • Apply across entire score
  • Lyrics Improvements
    • Choose Font Face
    • Choose Font Size
  • Chord Chart Improvements
    • Interface for Customized Chord Symbols
    • Page size and measures per line control
    • One-off arbitrary chord symbol creation
    • Tailored shortcuts for fast keyboard entry.
  • MIDI information on double-click
    • Timing information
    • Volume (velocity) information.
  • Default Font Faces
    • Choose from system installed fonts
    • Titles, Lyrics etc
    • Chord Names and other sans serif text
    • Mono-spaced font
  • General Improvements
    • More checks for user errors
    • Better flow of notes into new measures.

Release 1.2.2

  • More mouse selection support
    • Extend an already made selection by dragging
    • Dragging selection now scrolls as needed
  • Large (Deep) Score Support
    • Hide staffs in the Display
    • Display only selected staffs, e.g. woodwind section
    • Use for deep scores, e.g. full orchestra.
    • Navigation commands available
  • Improved Ornamentation Interface
    • Place accidentals above and/or below ornament
    • Stack ornaments.
    • Quick and easy WYSIWYG dragging.
  • Support for Proof-Reading
    • Add PDF Annotations to Denemo typeset Score
    • Open the proof-read score in Denemo
    • Locate proof reading marks
    • Transfer proof read comments to the Denemo score
  • Miscellaneous
    • Edit/Delete all of one type of object
    • Chord Chart Bass Inversion Sequences
    • Support for editing from MIDI controller
    • Artificial Harmonics
    • Caesura
    • Arbitrary text for N’th time bars
    • Intelligent tied notes edits
    • Duplicate, Split or Merge Movements

Release 1.2.4

  • Command Search Improved
    • Search for commands containing key words
    • Fuzzy search
    • Search command help text and label
  • New Commands
    • Choose format of rehearsal marks
      • Plain, boxed or circled
      • Alphabetic or Numeric
    • Controls for page numbering
  • Music Snippets
    • Saved with the score
    • Use extended to all objects
    • Command for insertion from keyboard
    • Re-labelling of snippets
  • Staff Groups (Braces)
    • Graphically displayed
    • Click to edit the start or end
  • Updated Manual
    • New sections on Command Center, Tablature, Fret Diagrams …
  • Autosave
    • Auto-saved versions detected on start up
    • Save rate in granularity of seconds
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix over long menus
    • Menu of searchable objects avoid spurious items
    • Improved Check Score routine
      • more errors detected
      • error position indicated in all cases

Release 2.0

Released 30th October 2015

  • Object Inspector
    • Full details of current object nicely formatted
    • Includes all attachments to the current object
    • Tracks the cursor
    • Available from the Print View
  • Object Editor
    • Edit built in attributes
    • Edit attached features
    • Available from Inspector or by right click.
    • Create Palette Buttons for instantiating the current attached features
  • Score and Movement Properties Editor
    • Edit global properties of the Score
    • Edit global properties of the Movement
    • Switch between movements to edit properties
    • Create Palette Buttons for instantiating the current score or movement property
  • Staff and Voice Properties Editor
    • Edit global properties of the Staff
    • Edit global properties of the Voice
    • Create Palette Buttons for instantiating the current staff or voice property
  • Search and Replace
    • Search for rhythmic patterns
    • Edit at found pattern and continue
    • Search for note sequences
    • Wrap to staff start/next staff
    • Resume search
  • Score Layout Editor
    • Duplicate Movements with separate edits
    • Re-order Movements
    • Duplicate Staffs with separate edits
    • Staffs can be added from any movement into any other
  • Titles
    • Control of bold, italic and fontsize
    • Control of spacing
    • Comprehensive set of fields to set
  • Beaming Rules
    • Create scorewide beaming rules
    • Rules for multiple time signatures
    • Regular rules with exceptions done by example.
  • Preview of Text/Music/Fret Diagram/Chord Symbol Markup
    • Check the appearance before re-typesetting the score
  • Notehead Styles
    • Complete set of notehead styles
    • Set on individual notes or score-wide
  • Vertical Spacing Controls
    • Complete set of vertical spacing distance settings
    • Titles to System
    • System to System
    • … more
  • Improved MIDI output
    • Sustain Pedal effect
  • Bug Fixes
    • MIDI message lengths corrected for custom messages
  • User Manual
    • Many new sections added

Release 2.0.2

  • Playback View
    • Fully Typeset View
    • Click to Play
    • Drag to play selection
    • Shift-Drag to loop
    • Auto-scrolling
      • Simple Scrolling
      • Multiple Scroll Points (tempo changes etc)
    • Play from full score while scrolling a part
    • Fully-featured MIDI
      • Cresc. and Dim.
      • Articulations (staccato etc)
      • Grace Notes
      • Individual Tied Notes in Chords
      • Sustain Pedal … more
  • LilyPond Export
    • One file per part
    • Output divided into measure per line
    • Measure Number every 10th measure
    • All Staffs
    • All Movements
  • Staff/Voice Editor Improvements
    • Navigate to other staffs within editor
    • Visibility/editing of clef, key, time signatures
    • Guidance for voices typeset on one staff
  • Dynamics Lines
    • Display on single line
    • Distinctive coloring
  • Instrument Ranges
    • Out-of-range notes colored red
    • Easy one-click setting to chord
  • Instrument Templates
    • Add staffs pre-configured for chosen instrument
    • Name, range and transposition included
  • Substituting Music
    • Replace music of one staff with that of another
    • Use, e.g. to typeset Chord Symbols and Fret Diagrams from one set of chords
  • Fret Diagrams
    • Include pre-defined Mandolin and Ukulele
    • Default is guitar
  • Tablature
    • Include example for 18th c Lute
  • Bug Fixes
    • Ornament with Accidentals above and/or below fixed

Release 2.0.4

  • Conditional Directives on Chords/Notes
      Create editions with/without ornaments, fingerings …
    • Conditional items are highlighted in the display
      Object Inspector reports on them
  • Enhanced Object Editor
      Set Conditional Behavior
    • Initiate Search/Edit from Object
  • New Commands
      Margins for Duplex Printing
    • Page Number Positioning
      Gaps in Staffs
      Enharmonic transpositions of passages
  • Generating Parts
      Part naming extended to multi-staff instruments
  • Score Checking
      Bug Fixes
    • Skip Errors

Release 2.0.6

Released 15 April 2016

  • Play Back Controls
      Buttons to play selection or from cursor
      • Fix bugs with initial use
      Mute Staffs
        Mute/Un-mute all or groups of staffs
      Whole Score Volume Override
  • Denemo Display
      Upbeat bar numbering matches typesetter
  • LilyPond Error Reporting
      Separate report for each run
    • Only report include filenames when they error
  • Playback View
      Shift-Click to Navigate
    • Revert to simple MIDI while editing
  • Playback from Typeset View
      Unified interface with Playback View
  • Lyrics
      Insert Skips
  • Translations
      Chinese (Simplified) Translation

Release 2.0.8

  • Copy and Paste
      Applies to note/chord attributes
    • CtrlC, Ctrl-V work for these
      Copied marking is highlighted
      Selection changes color when copied
  • Improved Acoustic Feedback
      Trill makes a short trill sound on entry
    • Copy attributes sounds
  • Improved Visual Feedback
      Status bar notices are animated
    • Characters are highlighted in Lyric Verses
      Directives are made more legible when cursor is on them
  • Cadenza Time
      For un-metered music
    • Music can still display in “bars”
  • New Commands
      Tuplet Positioning
    • Curved Tuplet Brackets
      Cadenza on/off uses Cadenza Time, sets smaller note size, editable text
      Notes without stems
  • Multi-line text annotation
      Bold, Italic etc now apply to selection
    • A guard prevents accidental syntax collision
  • Updated Manual
      More detail
    • Now indexed
  • Bug Fixes
      Command Center search now reliable
    • Standalone Multi-line text with backslash editing
      Pasting into measures that precede a time signature change

Release 2.0.10

  • More Conditional Settings
      Apply conditions to score directives
      Create duplicate directives to be used conditionally
      Use for page breaks between movements, margins etc
  • Lyrics Pane Improvements
      Save directly from verse
      Navigate verses from keyboard
  • Hidden Staff Improvements
    • Now auto-show when the cursor moves on them
      Can be navigated with the mouse as well as keyboard
      Settings stored with score
  • New Commands
    • Create Click-Track
        Auto-filled with beats
        Custom fill available
    • Create Intro
        Handles upbeat
    • Create Multi-Measure rests in bulk
    • Create Palette Buttons for Object Instantiation
        Chords and Standalone Directives
        Clones fingerings, string numbers, ornaments etc
    • Swap chord notes
        Applies to doubled notes (e.g. c c or c c#)
        Eases editing of the notes
        Use for fingerings, string number etc
  • Auto-open Source File
      First link opened on file open
  • Bug Fixes
      Nth time bar numbers match font
      Layout sync fixed
      Undo/Redo fixed for several bugs
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