Features in previous releases can be seen in the Changelog file in denemo sources.

Release 1.1

  • Palettes of commands
    • Customize content and shape
    • User created palettes
  • Movement Navigation Buttons
    • Buttons for quick change
    • Indication of current Movement
  • Raw LilyPond Output
    • For inclusion in user’s LilyPond template
    • Single keypress to update the output
  • Tablature
    • Support for all instruments
  • Upgrade Support
    • Keep custom shortcuts, palettes, etc on upgrading Denemo
  • Command Center
    • Can stay open while working on score.
    • Replaces old Command Manager
    • Menu path to each command is shown
    • Incremental search for commands by label
    • Incremental search for strings within tooltips
    • Execute any command
    • Add any command to a palette

Release 1.1.2

  • Links to source files can be relative to current score location
  • Transcribing from MIDI
    • Play in to a click track.
    • Enter rhythm afterwards.
  • Guided MIDI import
    • Durations can be checked as they are entered.
  • Support for LilyPond 2.18
    • Old scores are updated for incompatible syntax.
  • Re-shaping/Re-positioning Ties
    • Both WYSIWYG and tweaking width/height/convexity.
  • LilyPond View Improvements
    • Bracket Matching.
    • Line numbering visible.
    • Cursor position highlighted.

Release 1.1.4

In git now:

  • Spillover
    • Appending over-length notes spill into next bar.
    • Works for rests too.
    • Optional – set a preference for old behavior.
  • Shortcuts Cheat Sheet
    • Current set of shortcuts listed.
    • Alphabetical order.
    • Gives description of command.
  • Support for Aubio 4
    • Microphone Input Note Detection.
    • Note Onset Detection.
    • Instrument Tuning.
  • General Seek and Edit Facility
    • Choose from all available object types in movement.
    • Choose from objects at cursor.
    • Seek and edit the chosen type in music playing order.
    • Restart last search, wrap to beginning, to next movemnt.
  • Display Editing
    • Control+Shift drag to move objects in the input music display
    • Does not affect the final typeset score.
    • Useful when the input music display is too cluttered to see clearly.
  • MusicXML import
    • Imports Titles, copyright and other text
    • Imports dynamic markings

Release 1.1.6

In git now:

  • Lyrics Interface
    • Cursor on music moves to match cursor in lyrics
    • Jump to any point in the lyrics by mouse or keyboard

Release 1.2

This should be marked by a re-written user manual at least. Other suggestions for what this might contain welcome.

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